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Care Philosophy

Our philosophy is to approach each patient as an individual, address their concerns through proper research and examination, effective and accurate diagnosis, proper treatments, early prevention, and up-to-date education. We constantly strive to significantly improve the health and quality of life of our patients, decrease the duration of illness and have more positive outcomes.

Advanced Medicine. Compassionate Care
Postoperative Infections
Advanced Medicine Compassionate care

A postoperative infection is defined as one that occurs within 30 days of an operation. The infection could have taken place during the operation or in the postoperative phase. The risk of infection depends on the type of procedure, the patient’s general health and immunity and adherence to postoperative instructions. Postoperative infections may involve the surgical wound, the deeper surgical site or body cavities.

  • My experience was her championing and intervening on a procedure on behalf of my baby brother. Her opinion, and contacting the right colleagues, gave him options that we all thought were unavailable. I have yet to meet a Dr. that showed the compassion and care throughout and after his 10+ days in the hospital, and aftercare. Dr. Uppal is the Dr. that you want for your care! We are ever so grateful for her.

    - Teri Hundley in McKinney, TX
  • Wonderful Dr. One of the most knowledgeable, caring, and attentive doctors I have come across. Recommend her highly.

    - Anonymous McKinney, TX
  • When I called Dr. Uppal's office today to pay my bill from November, afraid it would go to collections, the office admin said "we do not send to collections here, you shouldn't be penalized for being sick." They are the only doctor that didn't send me to collections while I waited for my christian share plan to send money so I could pay my bills. Not only did she say that but she then discounted my bill. How wonderful to know there are doctors out there that actually want to do good for people!

    - Anonymous
  • One of the best Doctors I have ever had.

    - George Hawkins in Allen, tx